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My future is one of the most important things of my life. I decided to analyze a picture that shows my dedication and then the result of it. My high school career has been a constant struggle, I have some issues taking tests. I was always told by my teachers through elementary and middle school that I would not be a smart student due to my struggles with reading. When I reached high school I wanted to focus and find a way to reach my inner desire of becoming some one that my parents were rood of.

I started looking for activities that will bring my creative side to the surface. When my mother was in high school she became focused In photography and won a few awards for It. I started thinking maybe I could her path. I took my first class In 9th grade and continued until my 12th grade and I have reached a level of confidence I thought was not possible. The picture I chose to analyze explains the hard work and the focus It takes to get to the professional person I want to be.

I have struggled with Insecurities about my smarts but have

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risen to be an honors student and achieved high goals In my photography career. I will be a successful photographer and I have my family to thank for. At this time I am the owner of Mounts Media and have many customers who are satisfied with my work. The picture symbolizes the hard work I had to endure and will continue to endure to reach my goal of happiness.

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