Personality diorder

From the moment a person is born, his or her personalitybegins to take shape. In infancy, childhood, and lateradolescence, the individual explores a multitude of behaviors. Of all the behaviors, or personalities, the person experiences,one of them will stick with them until the day they die. Unfortunately, each specific personality also contain apersonality disorder. Personality […]

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A’s CD Shop Marketing strategy

This project was to collect information and come up with a marketing strategy for A’s CD Shop. I think I have achieved this objective and have done a pretty good job because I have collected useful information that can help me put my shop together. The information that helped was things such as responses from […]

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Long distance realtionship are

Long Distance Relationships Can Be Painful: But They Don’t Have to BeI have fallen into a problem that many people have had to deal with during some part of their life, some more than others have. Long-distance relationships are hard on the heart, hard on the soul, and hard on the self. Many men and […]

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Analysis of Data

I have handed out 10 questionnaires to people that I think are interested in the products that my shop is selling. 80% of these people were aged between 14 and 15 and 20% of them were aged between 16 and 17. 90% of them were male and 10% of them were female. The graph above shows […]

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New retail outlet

Most CD stores in Hong Kong don’t store CD’s from different bands and genres. For example HMV do not stock genres like hardcore, post hardcore, screamo or emo. I think this is because they don’t think they will make a profit from stocking CD’s from these genres and that no one would buy them if […]

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Looking Beyond the Sexes

A woman gets pregnant, and her boyfriend leaves her. In Karen Horneys The Distrust Between the Sexes, she explains how a persons psychological history causes him/her to distrust people of the opposite sex because of certain expectations they might have. Longings for happiness, childhood reflections, and childhood conflicts are all things that invent these expectations. […]

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Businesses develop

Morrison’s is a public limited company, which is normally larger than a private limited company. Medina Cash And Carry is a Sole trader who is an individual who has set up in a business on his own. A public limited company is larger than a private limited company. The share capital (money invested by shareholders), which has […]

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The aims of the organisation

The old Tesco was built on Wellington Street on a main road. There was also a railway station behind it and a shopping centre in front of it. This made is a prime location because it was in the middle of areas that were largely populated with potential customers. Tesco had a very good road network […]

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Substance Abuse

substance AbuseSubstance abuse is just one of the problems facing the United States today. Even though it seems like a big problem, it actually first started in the 1800s when the first drugs were smuggled. This only began the never ending path of illegal drugs flowing through the U.S. In the 1950s, a therapeutic drug […]

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