Stoichiometry calculations involving the mass relationships between reactants and products in a chemical reaction using a balanced equation Mole the Avogadro constant number of objects Excess Reaction the substance that is not completely used up in a reaction Limiting Reaction the reactant that limits the amounts of the other reactants that can combine – and […]

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Sterochemistry Quiz

Physiochemical properties effected by stereochemistry solubility mp bp polarity density pka Biological properties effected by stereochemistry oral availability protein binding distribution target activity What is stereochemistry? defines and describes the three dimensional spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule   the study of isomers What are isomers? Compounds with the SAME molecular formula, but DIFFERENT […]

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If molecules have different stereochemistry, this means… that they have the same connections of atoms, but differ from one another by the orientation of those atoms in three-dimensional space. Left S, sinister Right R, rectus Molecules with different stereochemistry are ___________ of each other. stereoisomers What is a chiral center? A carbon atom with four […]

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[image] enantiomers [image] diasteromers [image] diasteromers [image] same [image] constitutional isomers [image] non-isomers [image] diasteromers [image] enantiomers [image] same [image] diasteromers [image] chiral = the compound is not superimposeable on its mirror image [image] achiral = superimposeable on its mirror image and has no stereocenters [image] chiral = nonsuperimposeable on its mirror image [image] chiral […]

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Stereochemistry Terms

Chiral A molecule is chiral if it is not superposable on its mirror image.Chiral centers are Carbon molecules with four unique groups attached Enantiomers Stereoisomers that are non-superposable mirror images. Stereoisomers Isomers which have atoms that differ only by their orientation in space. Unlike constitutional isomers, corresponding atoms in stereoisomers exhibit the same connectivity. Isomers […]

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Stereochemical Terminology

Absolute configuration A designation of the position or order of arrangement of the ligands of a stereogenic unit in reference to an agreed upon stereochemical standard Achiral Not chiral. A necessary and sufficient criterion for achirality in a rigid molecule is the presence of any improper symmetry element Achirotopic Opposite of chirotopic (chirotopic: the term […]

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Stefania Saraiva’s cards

; ; ; ; Chapter 6 Flash Cards ; ; ; ; Anion An ion with a negative charge ; True or False: The lower the ionization energy the easier it is to remove an electron from an atom True An ionoc bond froms when _________ are transferred from one atom to another electrons Two […]

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accuracy a measure of how close a measured value is to the “true” value determinate error error due to procedural or instrumental factors that cause a measurement to be consistently too large or too small. the error can, in principle, be discovered and corrected (also called systematic error) indeterminate error a type of error, which […]

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States of Matter

Kinetic Theory 1. all matter is made up of particles2. these particles are in constant, random motion3. these particles are colliding with each other and walls of their container Thermal Energy energy created by heat or increased temperature Average Kinetic Energy how past particles are moving Solid Matter definite shapedefinite volumetightly packed particlesfixed positions vibrate […]

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